Saturday, 12 June 2010

Take the Tour!

So where do I live?
Perhaps not the question being disscussed in the news but maybe some of you might be interested. Which ever the case I am *bored* so I thought that I would show of my room (after it has been cleaned a bit ofc). *starts cleaning* *stops cleaning* *stops writing (sorry ^^)*

24 hours later...
I have taken the frickin pictures now, but can't find the cable with wich I could connect the camera to my computer so it will take even longer. Still under progress thou!

I'll be back!

Futilty and Triviality

Spent yet another day accomplishing nothing.
Went to a friends house where we ( a group of 5 nerds) engaged in a round of a game known best as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - aka an RPG. Sure we had fun, but somehow we never really got playing. And it is always like that, we sit there for hours on end but we never actually "play" the game, we just lull around with complicated rules and a weird world.

Not exactly enthusiastic about tonight either, probably going to be spent alone, I know I need the relaxation but I just feel so stressed out when there's no one interesting around. Ever feel like that?
Times like these I dread when I will live alone - sure I wanna get outta home sometime, but when I do I think I'll move in with a friend somewhere. Being alone just doesn't fit me.

Gotta get doing something, perhaps I'll bake again? Cya readers!

Friday, 11 June 2010

A frosting fail but taste explosion - Meet the nougaty mess-chocolatecake

So I actually did end up baking, and I don't just mean baking!
There is this Swedish style chocolatecake in which you aim to do as little as possibble yet get that soft, almost sticky chocolatemass. I topped it with a sliced pear, orangemarmelade-whipcream and a thin stick of nougat chocolate.
Wanna bake this cake? Messy chocolatecake
Just add sliced pears and whipped-cream.
Chocolate optional.
Sorry for the bad resolution and quality,
haven't set up my camera yet.

School is out, but all I can think about is baking

Today I started my summer vacation, surprisingly I have decided not to party but to stay home, bake and watch a movie. There is just something about baking that soothes me, can't really grasp why but ever since me and my friends started baking quite often I find myself caught up in it. Besides, how could you resist the kitchen when you know the oven could produce beauties such as these:  Better Than Sex Chocolate Cupcakes

I actually had to pause here and just look and imagine the smell of these artistic cakes.

However you need some very special ingredients for many of them and I have yet to even try baking a single one, but as soon as I can get my hands on a really nice recipe I will buy ingredients and bake a cupcake worth to die for!

Now, loud music and some old fashioned chocolate cake is going in the oven, t minus 30 minutes!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Me, Myself and I

I would not say I am someone in particular, I walk trough life as everyone else. Not that this is in anyway a bad thing, I would argue the opposite. You see life when moving at 5cm/s is great.
Friends are of course a large part but between hanging out, studying and having a freak out at the occasional mess in my room I enjoy the privacy of my thoughts as they keep me company trough the day. They sing to me, perhaps telling a quick joke every now and then, I guess my point would be the keep on top of the mood curve, except for at lunch - they gotta have a break sometime eh?

Me - that selfish little bastard always has a sneaky input on life. Telling me to pick up that coin from the ground or perhaps that it would be really nice to have that cookie someone is crunching on. I try to suppress him and it gets tedious, but if it wasn't for him I wouldn't know when someones in the wrong now would I?

Myself is probably what Me and I are all about, the combination of the two, the one sitting here writing, for some reason dreaming about a world where I don't have to use these clumsy keys to put down letters and craving a glass of randomly chosen cold drink.