Saturday, 14 August 2010

English is the shit! or rather best XD

hi readers, I actually have a request for all of you, please leave all your comments in English? it would so help me wrap my head around it and it will also help any possible foreign viewers understand (there might be surprisingly many such since I have alot of friends abroad)

Thanks in advance, Ellesrath Moonsnow

Friday, 13 August 2010

Draw your music!

Hello readers! Sanna was here yesterday and we played some oldschool RPG game, but once we got bored (especially Sanna) we entered a really dangerous (no I mean it! STAY OUT) homepage known as Out of all the sick, funny and just plain wierd things we found there was this one golden nugget - an as far as I am concerned nameless gadget. It is really funny if you have nothing to do, tha's  probably why you're reading my blog eh? ;], or just happen to feel a bit creative check it out!   Gadget :]

Oh yeah, a lil popquiz for you all!
If you could clone something - what would it be and why?
Comment, or be eaten alive by an army of mutated squirrels from Brittain! XD

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rain, thunder and a horror movie

There's alot of water coming down outside my window and for some reason me, Sanna and Erik decided to go runing in the rain. So now we are drenched and thunder is booming in the distance - it is time for a horror movie.

A flatline in the mirror

The beep beep beep, in this silent room, is like the boom boom of my heart, sound of the base,
out in this people maze, dancing moving, now feel better.
But if you turn around listen to the sound, all you hear's a funerals marching band.
We had another drink, feel your defenses sink, call for the medic but he isn't there

Somone who you held dear, who saw you nowhere, is slowly falling sinking down to the knees.
So take another bow, cause it's over now - only the Flatline awaits.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hello London!

Well, not that it really changes much but I have lifted from the ground and soared over to London in an airplane. And yesterday I had a wierd dream, read about it in the poem section :]

Either way I am in my dads apartment right now, bowl of steaming rice infront of me, and I can't help but think of all the time I want to spend in the future. I don't know where I will spend it, but obvioulsy alot will be in school. I guess what I am trying to say is that life just feels a bit big right now, big not bad mind you, and from here on I know where the road leads me I'm just not sure I want to go there...

Where do you guys want to wander of to?
Leave a comment and let the forum know :]