Thursday, 2 December 2010

THYME, Snow and Thursday

Listening to THYME, with a ring of snow slowly metlting away on the floor. It's another thursday and it looks to be a long one, either way I will make sure to enjoy it somehow. Spent way to much time at a friends house last night and it got a bit late - might have to sleep during lunch XD
Ellesarath OUT!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Long time no see?


Now as the snow falls I get sentimental and think back to great days of snowballs and hot beverages. I sometimes miss the old life - simple and slow. I used to live out in the woods, in this little town called Össjö. I didn't live *in* the town thou, but a couple of miles out in the forest from said town. Nothing ever really happened there, and during winters the snow lay so deep I could barley walk trough it :] I miss that place, and my former friends - if any of you have found my blog then I wish you a snowy winter! :)