Sunday, 4 July 2010

Vast Water Wasteland

Wasteland, it stretches dusk till dawn, filling its own emptiness with sound.
               And as the sun shines on above I walk on, clear,warm - chaotic.
                          Water waves will wash the wanderer where-ever it wills.
                                   And I wander under the moon, black, cold - harsh.
                                         Vast - no course, but a destination - I am lost.
                                               And as time flows steady with the current.
Vast Water Wasteland, a day on the beach.                       

Barbeque and a busted lip

Hi readers!
I am now mutilated, or something like it. I was trying to break a fallen tree away from the stump, mistake!
I suffered a total fatality as I managed to break free said tree it whacked me across the face and a twig piereced my lower lip, and voila! I am now a certified punk rocker...  -.-
But it's looking good now thou, just a red slit below the very lip and a lump on the inside, it hurt like shit when i got it and it still hurts a bit.
            But pain schmain, I have more important things to focus on! Going to the movies to see Eclipse around nine tonight, and it is going to be nice :] The first two Twilight movies haven't been that great but I heard that there's a new director (a horror movie director!) so this chapter's film might actually capture the fear and danger of the characters situation.
             A friend of mine browsed the web and found this wonderful site where there's this dancing, well dude/dudess who you can control by clicking the moves below it, so hillarious! And the song played to the dance is just wonderful :]  (if you speak swedish) The dancing dude