Here I will post some of my poems. If you write poems then please contribute by posting one in the comment section.

Ambition Collition

I dreamt I was a pirate with a razor, hatter for the police - the candy man!
I dreamt my hair was funny and my beard a well kept mess, rough style - perhaps a piercing?
I dreamt of her not me but she was never there.

Poem of Bubbles

If you blow a bubble and watch it fly, 
like the dream of a child it will stray towards the skies.
It shines, reflecting sunrays as it leaves, and colors dance on the ground.
It will go high, its colorful joy ever spreading, 
and the soft embrace of white clouds it will recieve.
Above the clouds it is cold, the bubble now a shell of ice 
- shattered on the ground.


Vast Water Wasteland

Wasteland, it stretches dusk till dawn, filling its own emptiness with sound.
               And as the sun shines on above I walk on, clear,warm - chaotic.
                         Water waves will wash the wanderer where-ever it wills.
                                   And I wander under the moon, black, cold - harsh.
                                          Vast - no course, but a destination - I am lost.
                                               And as time flows steady with the current.
Vast Water Wasteland, a day on the beach.