Sunday, 13 June 2010

Excercise - friend or foe?

Tomorrow will see the beginning of my crazy summer project - training. You know lifting heavy stuff to no end with no other goal than muscle. Trust me, this is *not* my thing but it would seem that it is popular. Besides I had this very uncomfortable feeling once: I had gotten myself into a situation where I might have to fight to defend someone else (had it only been my I'd have ran away). But as I stood there I realized that there was nothing a person untrained in either strength or hand to hand combat could do. It was both scary and frustrating. So here I am a bit nervous about the call I am supposed to receive at 10 in the morning with my pal Mike calling me out to the gym. He's awesome thou so I think I got my back covered, anyway if I have results before and after pics will follow! XD (celebration times! my first smiley since blog start!)

Fear not! Wonder friends are here!

But what do you know? I found some friends to hang with and we saw that Tim Burton movie - Corpse Bride. The animation is wonderful, and most of the side characters are just amazing. I do however find that the main characters (The groom, Living bride Victoria, and Dead bride Emily are some what boring and dull).
Either way I had a great time when it seemed all hope was lost.