Remember my references to lyric? I have decided to put a poetic short story on the wall.

Soul with Wings

She always looked like she was bound,

her wings tied to her back by red ribbons

The train was quietly moving through the city, which monochrome light lit the carriage - dusk fell upon the people

Soon the wings of their minds would spread - walking down memory lane on a pilgrimage to the past.

I open my eyes and see, green.

It is moving grass swaying in wind of my imagination, my mind caressing itself, stirring the waters of memory.

The street lay empty for the moon's gaze. Softly it fell,it was a moon shower.

She stood here weeping the tears of a silent night.

My morning starts with a cup of tea, it warms the body after a cold night.

" a healthy mind and body harbor a healthy soul"

a drop of dew fell into my tea, stirring the golden surface.

I heard a sound, a flute, it played a monotone and lifeless tune. She played and I listened -

My minds wings spreading.

I saw a pond this night, a pond which surface I could not break.

Beneath this surface she was slowly drifting

It was late, not dark nor bright.

The light which was always in motion seemed as if still.

Through the door of this small room I heard a tune in the empty corridor - she was playing

Entranced I sought it's source, and I walked into the music room.

It lay dark, except for the beams of light which fell upon the floor trough the windows.

She was standing with her back against me in on of these beams, blue sky her background.

She played her tune and it reached me on the other side.

I was standing in a building, a giant monument of concrete and glass.

Reflecting upon the opposite building I saw her standing on the roof.

She jumped and trough the window I jumped as well.

She always looked like she was bound

but her wings now spread in the sky.

A bright tune played for my eyes which closed upon the sight of the knife which lay in my blood.