Friday, 13 August 2010

Draw your music!

Hello readers! Sanna was here yesterday and we played some oldschool RPG game, but once we got bored (especially Sanna) we entered a really dangerous (no I mean it! STAY OUT) homepage known as Out of all the sick, funny and just plain wierd things we found there was this one golden nugget - an as far as I am concerned nameless gadget. It is really funny if you have nothing to do, tha's  probably why you're reading my blog eh? ;], or just happen to feel a bit creative check it out!   Gadget :]

Oh yeah, a lil popquiz for you all!
If you could clone something - what would it be and why?
Comment, or be eaten alive by an army of mutated squirrels from Brittain! XD


  1. En armé av genetiskt superba supermän i powerarmour, självklart med mig själv som utgångspunkt. Självklart är jag den som ska sitta och styra på min gyllene tron efter att jag tagit världsherravälde.

  2. Glorious! They can fight with the squirrels for world domination ;]


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