Saturday, 12 June 2010

Futilty and Triviality

Spent yet another day accomplishing nothing.
Went to a friends house where we ( a group of 5 nerds) engaged in a round of a game known best as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - aka an RPG. Sure we had fun, but somehow we never really got playing. And it is always like that, we sit there for hours on end but we never actually "play" the game, we just lull around with complicated rules and a weird world.

Not exactly enthusiastic about tonight either, probably going to be spent alone, I know I need the relaxation but I just feel so stressed out when there's no one interesting around. Ever feel like that?
Times like these I dread when I will live alone - sure I wanna get outta home sometime, but when I do I think I'll move in with a friend somewhere. Being alone just doesn't fit me.

Gotta get doing something, perhaps I'll bake again? Cya readers!

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  1. Äsch, det gick bra. Det var bara lite svårt att få allt koordinerat med karaktärsskapandet bara ^^

    (Sedan hjälpte det inte mycket när "någon" och någon annan bestämde sig för att hålla en diskussion angående Svensk krigshistoria XD )

    Nåja, vi fick igång spelet. Det var ett seriöst misstag att skicka så pass många beastmen efter er, men väl i huset tog det fart lite grand.


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