Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Makoto Shinkai - She and Her Cat

For awhile now I have been in love with the stories and animations of a Japanese Animator - Makoto Shinkai. He doesn't animate in a complicated or flashy way, it is just very "clean" and done in a way that gives the movie a certain warmth. Ofcourse the storylines (most written by himself) are also contribute to this feeling. He writes of complicated love and of the relationships between people, and I think that the characters all have very good connection to real people. Either way I recommend that you check out this five minute clip She and Her Cat. If you like it then look around, he has done plenty of interesting stuff and quite a bit is very good.

I recommend these movies:

Voices of a Distant Star [Hoshi no koe]

The Place Promised In Our Early Days [Kumo Yakusoku no Basho]

and a trilogy known as Five Centimeters Per Second, which just happens to be the name of this very blogg.

No I have to go now, my dog needs a walk then I am going back to the beach - sunbathing :]
Bye readers!


  1. Thank you :] It is surprisingly funny to write it aswell :)


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