Monday, 28 June 2010

I'm not dead! Am I? Ressurected Reincarnation!

I have had a great time these past weeks. Not spending a single night at the old cottage but instead I have been rumaging aroun in my friends houses. Yes houses, slept a few nights at Marcella's, a few at Wallberg's and almost a week at Sanna's. So to those three: thanks for the stay! You are all awesome hosts :]

Dear readers, I have once again started my old playing of that infernal game: World of Warcraft. I know, death to the gamers! Right? But I just can't help it! So much fun, especially when you're playing with some awesome friends of mine - they will rock you over the cables of the internet, or something.

Broke I am now however, since I decided to throw this huge party for a friend of mine. All she had to do was confirm the guestlist, the rest (including music and bartendering) was done by yours truly! Either way we had a great time, thou some people might have gotten a bit drunk... (no names here but bootyscooting around the entire house while being a cat? Why?!)

So tell me readers - What would you do with an enormous sandwich?
Leave your interesting and creative responses below!

(I am really tired so no spellcheck t'nite! XD)


  1. Tack för uppmuntran till kommentarer. Jag har märkt att mina av någon anledning inte kommer upp? Hur kan det komma sig?

    Nåja, då kör vi på ett nytt försök den här gången.

    WotLK skulle vara infernaliskt? Jag ser den världen så långt ifrån ett inferno som man bara kan komma. Skulle det inte vara mer kyligt? Men samtidigt finns det ju iofs folk som fruktar ett helvete i is...

    Nästa problem: "Death to the gamers"? VARFÖR? VARFÖR? VARFÖR vill du inte få gaming till att bli något allmänt accepterat? Tere-Bi-Ge-Mu arbetar just nu för fullt för att få ett "Spelens hus" i Malmö dit alla ska vara välkomna så att gaming inte ska ses ner på. På ALLA spelgladas vägnar kräver jag en ärlig ursäkt! Glöm aldrig vem du är Simba! Glöm aldrig!

    Haha, fulla katter XD Det måste ha varit en syn för sig ^^

    Glad sommar din lilla trädgårdsnisse, vi ses väl till hösten igen :D

  2. Ah, you see I have activated a system where I have to read and allow all comments so no inapropriate material will show up. Thus I have to take the time to read all the comments and allow them. Since I hadn't been home it took som time. But I remember allowing your previous comments... will look into that!

    As for gaming I really do loathe most of the WoW community, so with "Death to the gamers!" I mean all the annyoing twelve year olds from WoW :]

  3. Haha, i just trashed that idea as it makes it impossible for anyone to make any kind of conversation in the comments. If someone should post links to child porn or something equally inaproppriate, it's not hard to just discard the comment. (Using the small icon under the post.)

    "Jobbiga tolvåringar från WoW" är inte gamers. De är jobbiga tolvringar från WoW. Sätt aldrig likhetstecken mellan de två. Det är lite som att sätta likhetstecken mellan liv och sjögurkor. Du förstår vad jag menar, hoppas jag.



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