Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Physics! Science revealed

Did you know that the rotation of Earth creates a force which pulls you away from the surface?
This force is so big that for every Kilogram you weigh, 3.46g are not felt in gravitation (aka a 1000g should feel like the weight of 1003.46g) - that's 173g for a 50kg person!
This can be summarized into a 0.3% difference which for a building could be as much as  2 190 000 kg!
(facts taken from Wikipedia concerning weight of Eiffel Tower, 
calculation: 7 300 000 * 0.3 = 2 190 000 (kg) which summs up to 2190 tonnes!)

This could mean that buildings all over the world, should by some wierd reason the earth stop spinning, would *collapse* that's right!

 Useless but very cool knowledge! Now go freak out your friends with your new nerdy moves ;]

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