Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Exercise - results?!

Finally! My hard work at the gym has proven useful and I can now lift heavier weights, whatever that is good for :] Me and my friend Mike noticed that I have almost caught up to a classmate of mine and at this rate a win is guranteed. I don't know why that matters to me, perhaps it shouldn't, but it atleast proves to myself that hard work can pay off! as they say in Japan: Ganbaru! - Do your best!

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  1. I did actually get somewhere with this, and when I moved this summer was probably the time when I was the most fit in my entire life - thanks Sofl! Either way I ahve lost a little of my fitness as the gym is far to expensive where I now live but I do have some weights and I try to stay on top of it, but right now I am simply trying to stay healthy.


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